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About Us

The BC Reproductive Mental Health Program is part of BC Women's Hospital + Health Centre.

The BC Reproductive Mental Health Program is a team of specialized and multidisciplinary professionals. Together, the team has many years of clinical and research experience working with women and their families who are dealing with mental health challenges or disorders and emotional difficulties related to the reproductive life cycle. In particular, we assess and treat women who are pregnant, postpartum, and with premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD) (PMDD treatment is limited to a one-time group educational session). 

Women can find it difficult to seek help because of

  • The stigma of mental health challenges and disorders
  • Family, friends and society’s expectations of happiness at the birth of a baby
  • Concern about the effects of treatment

The BC Reproductive Mental Health Program is committed to providing expert and specialized information, services and resources to this group of women across the whole of BC, to their partners and families and also to the professionals that work with them so that mental health challenges and disorders can be recognized and early treatment can be offered.  

We can offer

  • Help from a specialized professional
  • Individual, couples or group psychotherapy
  • Resources for women, their partners and families
  • Resources for professionals
  • Training opportunities for professionals
  • Educational events

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