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Development Process


This course was developed by the Ministry of Health in collaboration with BC Reproductive Mental Health Program, Provincial Health Service Authority, BC Council for Families, Pacific Post Partum Support Society and all health authorities in BC. It has been informed by “Addressing Perinatal Depression: A Framework for BC’s Health Authorities” and other provincial best practice resources that have been published on perinatal mental health disorders.


  • Formation: this initiative was informed by the results of a Needs Assessment conducted with 187 Public Health Nurses and administrators representing all five regional Health Authorities across the province. The purpose of the assessment was to identify practice support needs in order to provide effective and responsive public health services for individuals with perinatal depression and anxiety
  • Collaboration: the course was developed with guidance from the Perinatal Depression and Anxiety Steering Committee, the Journey to Perinatal Wellbeing Working Group, PHN and other subject matter experts, and with consideration to the lived experiences of women as provided by the Pacific Post Partum Support Society
  • Consultation: user acceptance testing was conducted by 14 representatives from health authorities, partner organizations, and the Ministry of Health. Case Studies for advanced learning sessions were developed by subject matter experts to support further integration of course content and build skills for complex case management

Foundational Documents