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Introducing Journey to Perinatal Well Being

Public Health Nurses (PHNs) are a critical link in early identification and effective follow up for women and families experiencing perinatal depression and anxiety. This course will help build skills and expertise to screen, assess and offer responsive support services to families where a parent (or parents) are experiencing perinatal depression and anxiety. Advancing your knowledge and skill in this area will help ensure that women and families in BC receive the timely treatment and support they need, improving maternal, child and family health outcomes, and promoting positive mental health for women and families.

Through this course you will:

  • Build your understanding of the four pillars used to address perinatal depression and anxiety (education and prevention, screening and assessment, treatment and self-management, and coping and support) and learn how to apply them to your practice
  • Increase your knowledge of the latest research and evidence-informed practices with tips and resources
  • Understand the PHN role in working across the service delivery continuum that includes primary care providers, reproductive mental health psychiatrists, mental health providers and other community supports for perinatal women and families.

Course Features:

Easy-to-digest information
Custom videos
Quizzes and reflective exercises

Target Audiences:

Public Health Nurses
Nurse Practitioners
Social workers