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The BC Reproductive Mental Health Program in Vancouver BC has a range of services for women and also for professionals who are working with women or families where there are mental health concerns associated with the woman’s reproductive cycle. 
To access clinical services, you must be a resident of BC and referred by a physician, nurse practitioner or midwife. A referral form is available HERE and in the Resources section of this website. 

At your first appointment, you will be seen by one of the program Psychiatrists. Our Psychiatrists are medical doctors specializing in the mental health of pregnant and postpartum women. What to expect at your first appointment can be found HERE or in the Other Resources section of this website.

Outpatient Services

Perinatal Mental Health Services - Preconception to One Year Postpartum
  • Referral from a physician, nurse practitioner, or midwife.
  • Patients receive an initial assessment from one of the team psychiatrists.
  • Treatment planning and recommendations are made based on the initial assessment.
  • Treatment options available through the program include pharmacotherapy, individual, couple and group therapy, nutritional counselling and social work services.
Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) and Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD) Services
  • Referral from a physician.
  • Patients attend a mandatory 3 hour educational session facilitated by a specialist, clinical counsellor, and nutritionist.
Group Program
  • A range of educational and/or therapeutic groups are run by many members of the team – psychiatrists, counsellors, nurse clinician, social worker, and dietitian.
  • Attendance may be offered as part of the woman’s treatment plan. 
  • Some groups are offered for a definite number of sessions and the same women attend the group every week; other groups are drop-in groups and are open to any patient attending the Reproductive Mental Health program.
  • Women must be patients of the Reproductive Mental Health Program.
Telephone Consultation Service for Healthcare Providers
  • The BC Reproductive Mental Health Program provides expert consultation services to physicians and healthcare providers across the Province.
  • To contact a psychiatrist during clinic hours, call the Reproductive Clinic (604-875-2025) to speak to the psychiatrist on call.
  • Our psychiatrists are also involved in the RACE Program (Rapid Access to Consultative Experience-604-696-2131) under Perinatal Psychiatry.
Telehealth Consultations
  • The BC Reproductive Mental Health Program can provide patient consultations via Telehealth on request.
  • Patients must be unable to attend the clinic in person for reasons of distance or illness.
  • Appointments must be arranged through the secure Telehealth network.
  • Referral routes are the same as in-person outpatient appointments and must be made by a physician or midwife. 

Inpatient Services

  • BC Reproductive Mental Health Program psychiatrists and nurse clinician receive referrals for psychiatric consultations from the BC Women’s Hospital Antenatal and Postpartum wards. 
  • Follow-up outpatient appointments are made as needed.
  • For urgent in-patient consults after hours, page the psychiatrist on-call.

Education and Training Services

We provide a variety of education and training services across the province. These include:
  • Public forums
  • Academic Rounds
  • Community service providers’ workshops
  • Lectures and conference presentations

Clinical Training & Practicum Opportunities

The BC Reproductive Mental Health Program offers training to Residents, Medical students and Nursing students who are interested in doing electives and learning more about psychiatric disorders seen in women during pregnancy and the postpartum period.  

We also offer training in the assessment and treatment of patients with psychiatric conditions related to infertility, pregnancy loss, and related to the pre-menstrual period. Trainees are exposed to different assessment and treatment approaches through working with different members of our multi-disciplinary team including psychiatrists, nurse clinicians, counsellors, social worker and dietitian.


The BC Reproductive Mental Health Program has an active research program and has participated in and conducted numerous studies in the field of reproductive mental health. 
The current focus of research aims to explore optimal treatment options for perinatal women’s mental health and increase understanding of the effects of psychotropic medications in the perinatal period.