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 Winter & Spring 2020 GROUPS & WORKSHOPS

POSTPARTUM DEPRESSION & ANXIETY THERAPY GROUP: Ways to manage the transition to motherhood.

HELPING BABY SLEEP: Will my baby ever sleep through the night? Come to this highly informative workshop for tips on how to help your baby sleep and stay asleep.

ANGER MANAGMENT: Learn techniques to manage anger.

BABY'S FIRST FOODS: Learn about introducing solid foods to your baby including where to start, what types of foods, what textures, and how much. Learn how to read your baby's body language for fullness and hunger cues.

SELF ESTEEM: SEEING YOUR CORE WORTH: In this workshop we will explore self-esteem and how defeating beliefs can erode our experience of self-worth. 

HELPING MOMMY AND BABY BONDING: Bring your baby to this interactive group where you will learn ways to bond and play with your baby to encourage learning and growth. Learn how to practice three easy principles: watch, wait and wonder.

COUPLES WORKSHOP/PARTNER UP AND SELF CARE (choose one date only): Stress can be hard on relationships and having a baby is no exception. Learn tips and tools to keep your relationship strong and healthy.

PMS EDUCATIONAL WORKSHOP: Explore the causes of PMS and learn ways to better manage and understand symptoms.

'I'M STRESSED TOO"-FATHERS GROUP: Utilize mindfullness to reduce stress and improve relationships with signficiant others. 

MINDFULNESS BASED COGNITIVE THERAPY GROUP (MBCT): Learn how to handle the stressors of motherhood with patience, confidence and mindful acceptance. 


*Groups are open to all RMH patients at no cost. Please register with the receptionist at the front desk or call (604) 875-2025.